Disney Princess Sex Guide

Disney Princess Sex

It’s about time someone said it as adults: Disney movies are all about sex. The clues are everywhere, from mysterious phallic shaped sand castles to the writing being paved right before our eyes. This opens up a whole new meaning to a whole new world..It’s no doubt that Disney movies are popular; they are addressing the fantasies of adults everywhere because lets face it: even princesses need to get laid. If you’ve ever wondered how a Disney Princess likes to get it on, Sammy the Destroyer has you covered.

Here’s my guide to Disney Princess Sex.

Anna from Frozen

Kristoff has a thing about fucking on his sleigh, it turns him on so long as there’s no mess. Fur blankets usually make it the most comfortable and they tend to lie in the back where it’s more spacious. However, this hasn’t stopped them from doing it in the seats from time to time. Anna, being the thrill seeker that she is, has encouraged them to have sex while Sven pulls the sleigh at an incredible speed. Anna’s favourite position is cowgirl. The wind blowing in her face while she rides the sleigh and her man is the perfect adrenaline rush, not to mention that the biting cold against her nipples are a tingling contrast to the heat between her thighs.

Cinderella from Cinderella

Cinderella remembers her day as a servant very clearly and because of this she likes to be with her prince by the cinders of a fireplace. The nostalgia and dirt are enough to get her in the mood. Although she likes to keep it classic with the missionary position, she tends to like it a little rough to remind her of the pain she went through with her stepsisters and stepmother. Knowing she made it through that difficult time and is in a better situation then they will ever be, is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Being the sleeping beauty that she is, Aurora enjoys her time in bed and if Prince Charming wants any of that pussy, he’d better be willing to expect that the bed is the only place that is going to happen. Aurora’s position of choice is spooning. It’s the least amount of work for a sleeping beauty and the most comfortable, which is an important factor when morning sex comes around.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Having long hair wasn’t all bad for Rapunzel, and now that it’s gone she tends to miss it. This is why Flynn/Eugene makes sure to grab and pull those brown locks during sex. Of course, this means that Rapunzel’s go to position is doggy style and the harder the better. Rapunzel has had her mother and a grown man climb up her hair; she can definitely take some hair pulling. She also enjoys the punishment of some spanking now and again, due to the way Mother Gothel used to punish her whenever she mentioned leaving the tower.

Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White likes her ankles behind her back so the seven dwarves can hop right in one after the other. Yes, she’s with her Prince, but he travels often and understands that Snow White has a very unique relationship with these men. From bearded massages to costume themed orgies, Snow white has it covered when it comes to partying like a real Disney princess.

Tiana from Princess and the Frog

Tiana’s biggest turn on is success. When her and Naveen had finally gotten her restaurant they were humping like rabbits, or should I say frogs? That is not to say that they didn’t get at it when they were frogs, because they had many late nights in the bayou. Now that the restaurant is running Tiana is doing her favourite thing, keeping busy. Unfortunately, that means she’s not getting busy and poor Naveen has been having blue balls for quite sometime. Needless to say, he’s begun spicing things up and it’s starting to work. Quickies in the coatroom or in the back pantry are beginning to become a frequent occurrence for the Prince and his wife. The only thing is that she seems to have a desire for adventure and voyeurism because she only gets really into it when the restaurant is packed full and the staff are at their busiest.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Where else would Belle like to get down and dirty than her favourite room in the castle. Surrounded by musky smell of old books, giant ceilings and walls upon walls of bookshelves, Belle loves getting it on in the library. The only problem is that she really misses her Beast, now that he has become human she is far less turned on. It seems she really was into that bestiality that many accused her of and in order to satiate that desire, Prince Adam has had to invest in many fur type costumes and create some role play scenarios that really get her going. They will typically go at it on tables or against the bookshelves, but just like Cinderella, they have experimented on the ground in front of the fireplace. This is also where they do a lot of their erotica readings.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Ariel, being a new human, is still exploring her body and all of the new orifices that come along with it. Prince Eric, being the gentleman that he is, has taken it upon himself to purchase her all of the different vibrators and dildos he could find within the kingdom, however, this may also be because he was sick of having to throw out any phallic shaped vegetables that he noticed had been stolen from the kitchen. Due to Ariel’s experimentation, Eric gets laid a lot! She cannot get over the feeling of having these new body parts and this little mermaid enjoys anal just as much as she does having sex vaginally. The place and position does not matter to Ariel, although she does her best work in water and shower sex is a regular occurrence for the duo.